Damase: Piano Works / Mai Yamada

Mai Yamada's 2nd album "Damase: Piano Works" will be released on April 28! (digital release: April 21)

"Mai Yamada, a specialist in the piano works of French composer Jean-Michel Damase, has recorded a commemorative collection marking the 10th anniversary of Damase's passing. Hailed as part of the lineage of celebrated French composers such as Ravel and Debussy, Damase's chamber music, particularly his works for flute and harp, have earned recognition, however, he himself was also a prodigious pianist and his solo piano works are a testament to his artistry.

This album represents a formidable undertaking, featuring world premiere recordings and pieces that have never been documented on compact disc. A standout highlight of the collection is the ""Piano Sonata,"" an early masterpiece by Damase.

""As I began to listen to Damase's music performed by Yamada, I was enveloped in a radiance of his compositions, imbued with a captivating range of colors, reminiscent of Damase's own playful demeanor. Her performance seemed to bring Damase's scores back to life and I was filled with delight at witnessing his legacy being realized through her artistry."" - Yuko Uebayashi (Composer)"

This work can be listened to on music streaming services along with its CD release. The streaming audio is produced in high-resolution stereo quality at 192kHz/24bit and 3D Audio (Dolby Atmos). Apple Music will play the audio as lossless or Dolby Atmos, depending on the settings. In addition, e-onkyo music and mora allow you to download the stereo audio at 192kHz/24bit. This work is available worldwide through Naxos Japan.



Pièces de Concert




Féeries  16 Courtes pièces pour piano, Op.38

               -1. La Belle au bois dormant

               -2. Peau d'âne

               -3. Le Chat botté

               -4. Cendrillon

               -5. Serpentin vert

               -6. La Belle aux cheveux d'or

               -7. L'Oiseau bleu

               -8. Le Mouton

               -9. Le Petit Poucet

               -10. La Belle et la Bête

               -11. Le petit Chaperon rouge

               -12. La Biche au bois

               -13. La Chatte blanche

               -14. Riquet à la houppe

               -15. Gracieuse et Percinet

               -16. Les Fées


Sonate pour piano, Op 24

  -. Allegro

        -. Andante

        -. Allegro




Au Matin


25 November 2022


Produced by Mai Yamada

Balance Engineer and Editing and Mixing: Kazuya Nagae

Assistant Engineer: Masumi Adachi

Piano Technicia: Petero Yokoyama

Director: Michiko Mikata

Art Direction: Nao Masaki

Cover Artwork: Emi Sugiyama

Design: Emi Takeuchi

Management: Yumiko Tsuchiya